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January 17, 2022

Three Foodservice Manufacturers Go Global on KCL

In order to better serve our growing international audience, KCL is pleased to announce that Lainox, Scotsman Ice, and UNOX have expanded their presence on KCL beyond North American lines to include their EMEA/APAC products. 

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This increase translates into more than 650 new CAD drawings and Revit families between the three brands. Lainox has a 145% increase in their presence on KCL, while Scotsman is up 152% and UNOX lists 172% more.

“This expansion makes it easier for designers and consultants around the world to take advantage of KCL’s best-in-class design tools,” according to KCL president, Kevin Kochman. 

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Luca Salomoni, KCL’s EMEA & APAC VP sales director added, “These companies recognize that KCL makes it easy for them to connect with thousands of international foodservice designers, as well as KCL’s large North American audience. We make it easy and affordable for manufacturers to list their products. KCL’s generous site license for users and free mobile app provide unparalleled visibility.” 

Salomoni also noted that KCL continues to add features for manufacturers, like usage reports, and for end-users, we’ve added Room Builder tools, without charging extra fees for these helpful services.

All three brands have listed North American lines on KCL for many years and anticipate continued success with expanded EMEA and APAC lines. 

Alessandro De Blasio, Vice President Sales Marketing at Scotsman Ice Systems has high hopes for this expansion, “We’ve had such success with our North America line on KCL that we knew it was time to expand. We don’t want to miss out on sales as more designers, dealers, and consultants in the EMEA and APAC regions adopt KCL’s time-saving design tools.”

The expanded Lainox, Scotsman, and UNOX lines are live on all KCL platforms- desktop, web, and the free app, KCL Mobile.

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