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December 20, 2023

More CAD and Revit Content From New Foodservice Manufacturers in 2023

In 2022, KCL added a record number of foodservice equipment manufacturers for the second year in a row! We continue to offer designers, consultants, and dealers a large collection of cutsheets, as well as CAD and Revit content along with our time-saving design tools. As we continue to grow, KCL provides increased value with even more types of equipment from manufacturers around the world. 

Look below for a list of manufacturers that have joined KCL in 2023–or are coming to our software soon. You can also click to see the full list of manufacturers on KCL.

new commercial kitchen equipment CAD and Revit content on KCL foodservice design software soft

New Manufacturers Include:

Lotus cookers now on KCL foodservice design software

Coming soon, more great manufacturers!

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More CAD and Revit Content for Foodservice Design

SodaTap System on KCL

Made in the USA, the SodaTap System revolutionizes soda pouring, freeing operators from Big Soda’s limitations. This innovative system can dispense bag-in-box sodas, craft blends, pure cane sugar options, premixes, and non-carbonated drinks—all from one platform. Say goodbye to bulky countertop machines and noisy electric valve dispenser action; SodaTap ensures consistently high-quality carbonation and an exceptional pouring experience. With this technology, operators can diversify their beverage menus, offering a crisp soda taste without compromise. 

Learn more at SodaTap System.

Hussmann refriferated merchandising cases are now on KCL by Revalize

For more than 100 years, Hussmann Corporation has been a leader in delivering innovative merchandising solutions and refrigeration systems. From supermarket deli cases to C-store beverage coolers and food service displays, Hussmann drives innovation and technology in food retailing. Customers look to Hussmann for their commitment to quality and as a strategic trusted partner to navigate the complex regulatory requirements with energy-efficient, low-GWP refrigerants. Partner with a Hussmann rep to design the food service solution that meets your unique goals.

Learn more at Hussmann.

Icetro America nnow lists CAD and Revit content on KCL from Revalize

Icetro America manufactures world-class cube, nugget, and flake ice machines, dispensers, and more. With over one million units in more than 80 countries, they provide a simple machine with advanced capabilities, along with industry-leading dependability. Their experience and expertise in dealing with some of the world’s most difficult environments have led to the creation of the finest ice maker in the world – The Maestro! Easy to operate, clean, and troubleshoot at an affordable price point that won’t freeze an operator’s bank account.

Learn more about Icetro America, a Middleby Company.

Sterling manufacturing boilerless steamer now on KCL foodservice design software

Sterling Manufacturing presents the complete line of boilerless and cabinet-based steamers. The boilerless, connectionless steamers are fast, powerful, reliable, and Energy Star-certified with the quickest recovery time in boilerless steamers. Sterling’s QCG line of cabinet-based steamers are high-production, ultra-efficient generator-based steamers with Quick Change Generators that allow the service tech to change out the generators in a matter of minutes. Sterling products are the culmination of more than two decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, servicing, and marketing steam cooking equipment.

Learn more at Sterling Steamers.

Echtermann equipment now on KCL software

For more than 130 years, Echtermann has been Europe’s leader in high-end catering equipment including bar counter taps, water valves, and pre-rinse spray units. Their products provide exceptional quality, style, reliability, and functionality backed with a lifetime warranty. Products can be customized with a number of colors, coatings, installation heights, and designs. Echtermann’s “made in Germany” culinary equipment can be exported from Hong Kong to America, making this brand a top choice around the world.

Learn more at Echtermann.

flexeserve now on KCL by Revalize foodservice design

Flexeserve is the manufacturer of award-winning hot-holding units, supported by a dedicated team of hot food experts. As industry leaders, they have revolutionized grab and go, food delivery, curbside pickup and supermarket rotisserie for operators around the world. Their patented hot air recirculation technology is the only system capable of true hot-holding – maintaining food quality for unrivaled hold times. Flexeserve’s innovative products enable major global retailers and independent outlets alike to improve their hot food program, reduce food waste, increase profits, and improve customer service.

Learn more at Flexeserve.
Dry ager aging cabinet is now on KCL foodservice design software.

Established in 2013 and introduced to the United States in 2020, the Dry Ager aging fridge exemplifies German innovation in the art of meat maturation. Impeccably engineered, the Dry Ager cabinet maintains precise control over temperature, humidity, and air quality, revolutionizing the aging process. This enhances predictability and also adds convenience and profitability to the art of meat aging. With Dry Ager, restaurants, butcher shops, and grocery retailers, can craft their own top-tier dry-aged beef, pork, game, and fish. Additionally, it simplifies the production of various delectable charcuterie and flavorful jerky.

Learn more at Dry Ager

Tonon shelving for commercial kitchens is now on KCL foodservice design software.

Established in 1946, Tonon has long manufactured custom systems for the food service industry. In 1974, they created aluminum shelving designed to maximize the use of space in cold rooms. In 1988, their Eko Fit line revolutionized shelving using high-resistance, easy-to-clean, no-rust shelving units that integrate thermoplastic slats for enhanced stability. NSF-certified, Tonon serves customers globally, providing modular and customizable shelving for kitchens, freezers, coolers, pantries, and dry storage rooms. 

Learn more at Tonon.  

Kopa oven and grilling solutions foodservice equipment is now on KCL design software
Kopa Oven developed the Kopa Charcoal Grill in 2014 using their expertise in sheet metal products. They now provide a range of specialty charcoal grilling and oven equipment for commercial kitchens. Kopa is also known for Robota grills, parillas, smokers, and hot cabinets.
Their insulated equipment cooks faster and requires up to 50% less charcoal than conventional grills of comparable size. This means Kopa delivers lower energy and operating costs as well as a quicker return on investment.
Learn more at Kopa Grilling Solutions
The Taylor Company CAD, Revit, and Spec Sheets now on KCL Foodservice Design software.

Fro yo? Soft serve? Slushies and frozen cocktails? Burgers? Yes, please! The Taylor Company designs, manufactures, and services commercial foodservice equipment that makes all of these possible. Their products create everything from eye-popping frozen desserts and beverages to grilled specialties that sizzle while also ensuring that the back-of-house runs smoothly and efficiently, Taylor does it all. Taylor machines are known for being forward-thinking, productive, and user-friendly. They are perfect for C-stores, onsite dining, restaurants, and specialty kitchens. 

The Taylor Company is part of the Middleby family of brands. Learn more at The Taylor Company.

Steelworks products now on KCL foodservice design software.

Steelworks is your source for stainless steel restaurant and bar equipment, including carts, dish tables, dunnage racks, equipment stands, wall shelves, over shelves, sheet pan racks, compartment sinks, hand sinks, floor troughs, and work tables. They manufacture long-lasting products that stand up to demanding conditions. Steelworks sells only top-quality 304 stainless tables and sinks, never compromising on cheaper galvanized legs or undershelves. This means their products are durable, easy to clean, and won’t oxidize, even in humid or damp environments.

Learn more at Steelworks.

Angelo Po combi ovens now on KCL foodservice design software

With over a century of culinary expertise, Angelo Po has established itself as a premier name in the kitchen industry. Renowned for its innovation, Angelo Po is a top-tier manufacturer of cutting-edge combi ovens, featuring patented technology and a revolutionary boilerless system. The Angelo Po brand is revered not only for its top-tier quality but also for its steadfast support. These exceptional ovens are not only favored in star-rated restaurants, bistros, and catering kitchens but are also indispensable in schools, universities, supermarkets, and delis.

Learn more at GBS US. GBS US is the new master distributor for Angelo Po Combi Ovens in the US market.

TragenFlex Ultraswash is now on KCL and Revit-ready

TragenFlex, a premier manufacturer of sturdy warewashing solutions, introduces Ultrawash- a heavy-duty three-compartment powered sink. The powerful water jets eliminate scrubbing, saving 50% of staff time and effort. Ultrawash provides a wide range of customizable options to fit the unique footprint of any space while providing ergonomic storage accessories to help maximize flexibility and efficiency in the dishroom. Providing an exceptional configuration experience, Ultrawash is Revit Ready through KCL; you can easily configure a sink solution for all your dishroom projects. 

Learn more at TragenFlex

Focus Foodservice by 1880 Hospitality now on KCL foodservice design software

Focus Foodservice by 1880 Hospitality is known for storage, organization, and transport systems, but their true business is providing solutions. Focus Foodservice’s innovative products ensure that kitchens, walk-ins, and pick-up areas are organized and easy to maintain. Their customizable solutions for high-density dry storage, heavy-duty dunnage shelving and racks, security, and transport help you save space, work more efficiently, and protect investments.

Learn more at Focus Foodservice by 1880 Hospitality.

CAD blocks and Revit families for Retigo Combi ovens is now on KCL foodservice design software

Retigo opened for business in 1994 and remains one of the world’s last independent manufacturers of steam combi ovens. Their unique wastewater system requires a minimal amount of water for cooling the exhaust system. 
Retigo provides precise, high-efficiency equipment at the best price with outstanding levels of sales and post-sales support. Their combi ovens are suitable for small restaurants and large foodservice venues and every type of operation in between.

Learn more at Retigo.

Wunder-Bar is now on KCL foodservice design software.

Wunder-Bar (part of Middleby Corporation) manufactures and develops a full line of beverage and condiment dispensing equipment. Industry innovators who set the standard for more than 50 years, their soda dispenser bar guns are found in the vast majority of bars and taverns around the world. More recent advancements include state-of-the-art dispensing systems for a range of items from heated cheese and pizza sauce to refrigerated and nonrefrigerated toppings and coffee.

Learn more at Wunder-Bar.

Shop2It Retail merchandising displays now available on KCL foodservice design software.

Shop2It Retail is a leading provider of store fixtures and displays. They offer a wide range of products, including tiered display tables, merchandising displays, display units, shelving systems, and more. Available in a variety of finishes, their products create visually appealing displays that maximize your merchandising opportunities. Whether you need a simple display table or a more complex shelving system, they have a solution for you. Seamless ordering. Reasonable prices. Simple installation.

Learn more at Shop2It Retail.

four socamel food delivery trolleys (or carts) and the brand logo in green at the top of the image.

Join us in welcoming SOCAMEL to KCL! Socamel designs and manufactures food trolleys for both plated and bulk service. A world leader in the distribution of meals in healthcare, education, and community care environments, their trolleys can be used to distribute individual or group meals. Their trolleys guarantee optimum temperatures for hot and cold food for cook serve, cook chill, and cook freeze food. Socamel is the first company in its category to be awarded the Longtime label for durable and repairable products. Socamel is part of the Guillin Group, which is the leader in food packaging. Learn more at

Learn more at Socamel.

Mazzer coffee grinder now on KCL foodservice design software

Located near Venice, Italy, Mazzer has manufactured high-end coffee grinders since 1948. Mazzer is engineering the future of coffee grinding as they create burrs and grinders using advanced technologies and strict quality controls. Each day, in 100 countries spread across five continents, Mazzer coffee grinders help baristas prepare the best coffees. Mazzer is brought to KCL thanks to F&O Imports, a master importer, distributor, and wholesaler of imported commercial coffee equipment for the North American market.

Learn more at Mazzer.

Perlick Residential refrigeration CAD and Revit content is now on KCL design software

With a focus on quality and craftsmanship since 1917, it’s no surprise that Perlick’s luxury line of residential refrigerators and beverage dispensers are top picks for designers. Perlick has the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of undercounter refrigerators, wine refrigerators, freezers, beverage dispensers, and ice makers for inside and outside the home. Their customizable options also include the industry’s widest selection of ADA-compliant undercounter refrigerators.

Learn more at Perlick Residential

U-Line is known for their advanced convection refrigeration and ice-making systems, meticulous engineering, and comprehensive expertise across multiple markets. U-Line’s commercial products are durable enough for back-of-house, but attractive and modern enough to be featured up front. Their lineup includes modular and scalable solutions for everything from large restaurants to stadium suites and serving stations. Located in the USA since 1962, U-Line has been a part of the Middleby family of brands since 2014.

Learn more at U-Line.

Inomak refirgerators now on KCL!

Made in Greece, Inomak produces commercial refrigerators and stainless steel catering equipment. Since 1976, they’ve been known for their superior price-to-quality ratio, high-grade materials, and emphasis on customer needs. Still growing, Inomak refrigerators are found in more than 34 countries. They aim to be the first and foremost choice, a trusted partner, of every catering professional.

Learn more at Inomak.

Egro coffee systems on KCL foodservice design software

Egro creates coffee machines that inspire. Their fully automatic coffee machines represent the next frontier in on-demand coffee service. Egro’s elegant, high-tech machines feature ergonomic and compact designs. Most models include touchscreens with customizable interfaces that are easy to use in self-service mode. Egro coffee machines are ideal for convenience stores, gas stations, fast-food and self-service restaurants, office coffee service (OCS), and all venues that offer a varied coffee menu. Egro is a brand of the Rancilio Group, an Ali Group company. Learn more at Egro.

Frijado CAD and Revit content on KCL foodservice design software

Fri-Jado is an international specialist in the development and production of equipment for preparing, storing, and presenting hot and cold foods. As a premium brand, Fri-Jado can be found in foodservice, convenience stores, and retail settings. Their product range includes commercial rotisseries (formerly branded as Euro Grill), auto-clean rotisseries, convection ovens, grab-and-go display cabinets, deli counters, convenience counters, and custom counters.

Learn more at Frijado.

Carpigiani now on KCL foodservice design software

Carpigiani is the global leader in the production of state-of-the-art equipment for all of your frozen dessert needs, such as ice cream, gelato, soft serve, and sorbet. Their line includes batch freezers, blast freezers, dipping cabinets, hardening cabinets, and display cabinets, as well as whipped cream, shake, and soft serve machines. Since 1946, Carpigiani has maintained a dedication to providing the highest quality, most reliable, and most durable frozen dessert equipment in the industry. 

Learn more at Carpigiani.

American Range on KCL restaurant design software

American Range manufacturers innovative professional cooking equipment that’s made in the U.S.A. Chef-inspired and designed for operational excellence, they have been a favorite of restauranteurs around the world for 40 years. With modular components, American Range equipment can be reconfigured to accommodate multiple menu changes without having to replace the oven base. They offer several product lines, including the Restaurant Series, The Medallion Series, and Innovection, to meet the specific needs of different types of commercial kitchens.

Learn more at American Range.

Marco Beverage Systems on KCL restaurant design software

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Marco Beverage Systems designs and manufactures stylish, precise, and energy-efficient hot water boilers, coffee brewers, and cold beverage dispensing solutions. As global leaders in the beverage delivery category, they continuously innovate to deliver the most efficient, and eco-friendly systems on the market. You can find their products, including the award-winning undercounter water and coffee systems, in offices, specialty coffee shops, hospitality, and catering sites around the world. 

Learn more at Marco Beverage Systems

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