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July 20, 2023

KCL Speaks Your Language

We’re pleased to announce that KCL’s BIM/CAD Designer software can now be used in English, Spanish, French, and Italian!

KCL helps foodservice equipment manufacturers around the world distribute their CAD, Revit, and other product content while making it easy for an international audience of designers, consultants, and dealers to specify those items. 

New language options on kcl foodservice design softare

Explore KCL's New Language Options: Spanish, French, and Italian

“Both the user interface and the main equipment category can be easily switched to a subscriber’s preferred language to improve access to our growing international user base,” said Luca Salomoni, KCL’s EMEA and APAC sales director. The language can be changed simply by clicking a flag icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Since joining KCL in January of 2020, Salomoni has grown KCL’s manufacturer and user base outside of North America, in addition to forming international collaborations. Salomoni added that many manufacturers, like Scotsman, Unox, Lainox and others now list their EMEA lines in KCL alongside their North American products. 

“As the leading content library in the foodservice industry, we work with many global brands. It was time to speak the same language as our designers,” added Salomoni.

“Billions of people speak English, Spanish, French, or Italian as a primary or second language, so this change opens the door to an incredible amount of subscriber growth,” explained Kevin Kochman, president of KCL. “It enables designers and consultants around the world to easily access our software and helps our manufacturers boost their brand awareness and reach new customers.”

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