January 25, 2023

2023 KCL Updates and Additions

At KCL, we always work hard to make our foodservice design software the best it can be. We know how important it is for you to have user-friendly, time-saving tools at your fingertips. That’s why we’re constantly updating and improving our software.

Each month, our newsletter keeps you posted on our latest developments, including new features and updates. But if you’ve missed any updates, don’t worry! This page will let you know what’s new in 2023. And you can click here to see some of our 2022 improvements. Scroll down to learn how we’re making KCL even better for you.

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foodservice design software new in 2023

Topics include:

New features and tools to save you time and money

KCL foodservice design software partners with CFESA for service locator

CFESA Service Locator 

KCL now makes it easier to assist with parts and service with the CFESA Service Locator. Look for it on the far right in the main toolbar on KCL Desktop and click through to the CFESA site. It will also appear along with the manufacturer information when you select an item. The CFESA Locator appears in a more obvious position on our free app, KCL Mobile. CFESA, Commercial Foodservice Equipment Service Association, sets the standard for service in our industry.

KCL restaurant design software buying group filter

Buying Group Filters

Speaking of partnerships, we’ve also partnered with PRIDE Centric Resources to create a special filter that allows their members, and only their members, to see only their preferred vendors. With the PRIDE Centric filter checked, members won’t have to spend time creating their own preferred lists. Of course, they still have access to all of KCL’s 250+ manufacturers when they uncheck the box to turn off the filter.

KCL Private Label for Manufacturers

We have a new feature for manufacturers that want to use our time-saving design features and tools in-house with an exclusive list of products, KCL Private Label. The Private Label feature is also useful for manufacturers that have exclusive lines only available to specific groups of dealers or franchises.

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