About KCL

Since 1985, we've helped clients and industry partners work smarter, faster, and more efficiently while providing excellent customer service. Scroll down to learn about KCL.

Our History

Kochman Consultants, Ltd., better known as KCL, was founded in 1985 by Ron and Kevin Kochman. The Kochman family has a long history in the foodservice industry, dating back to the late ‘60s. That’s when Ron started a consulting company, that even for the time, was technologically advanced.

Ron was a firm believer in using technology to work smarter, which he passed on to his son, Kevin. At the start of the ‘80s, when AutoCAD® came on the scene, Kevin used his computer programming background to design CAD blocks for Ron’s commercial kitchen design work. Both founders realized they could sell these symbol libraries to others, and KCL was born.

An illustration of Kevin Kochman standing with Ron Kochman representing KCL's history.
An illustration showing Kevin Kochman setting the standard for foodservice design.

Setting the Standard

In the early days of KCL, there were no rules for CAD design. Every foodservice manufacturer used different naming conventions and standards to create files. Kevin was able to help establish AutoCAD standards in the foodservice industry by working with various industry groups and leaders.

For 35 years, Kevin has tirelessly worked to improve commercial kitchen design. KCL was the first foodservice company to introduce Autodesk® Revit® compatibility, launch a mobile app, and develop design-based software that works in your browser. Members of the foodservice community still look to Kevin as an expert on CAD and Revit best practices.

Ongoing Innovation

KCL NapkinSketch, the latest cutting-edge addition to KCL, enables users to create a kitchen layout without running an AutoCAD or Revit program. Another industry first!

From drafting to design and beyond, KCL continues to focus on developing innovative software solutions for the foodservice design industry. The software’s platform may change, but their passion for users never does. From one-person operations to billion-dollar dealerships, the KCL team remains dedicated to simplifying and expediting the design process for all.

An illustration showing a cloud rising from a floppy disk representing KCL's history of ongoing foodservice design innovation.


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