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Premium Listings

KCL provides your customers with the information and files they need when they need it. Your premium listing includes the ability to host all of these items at no additional cost:

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Control Access

Choose which users can access your content

Share your products with customers worldwide or just in a specific region based on your company’s distribution network. 

Free Custom Usage Reports

Customized Data Gives You the KCL Advantage

Know who’s using your content, where they’re located, and which of your models are most popular with KCL users. Get the data you need to improve your standing in our competitive market.

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Embedded Hosting

Provide KCL technology on your website

Effortlessly share spec sheets, CAD blocks, and Revit families using KCL embedded hosting on your website. Bring KCL’s best-in-class design technology to your website and make it easier for users to discover your products. We’ll provide a customized search engine for your site that filters content your way and only shows the models you choose while providing access to time-saving KCL design tools. Start hosting your content with KCL today.

*Embedded Hosting is an additional service. Fees apply.

Integrations That Matter

Connect your products and equipment to the foodservice industry.

These partnerships give our users the ability to access and use your KCL-hosted equipment within their favorite foodservice design and CPQ programs.

KCL RepConnect

With MAFSI RepConnect, you and your customers can view the contact information for a manufacturer rep whenever viewing a piece of equipment in KCL’s equipment library. Instead of going through the process of searching for a local rep online, KCL users can quickly see details about the local reps in their area. This is a handy tool when it’s time for your customers to spec or buy foodservice and restaurant equipment.

Energy Star

KCL makes it easy for your customers to view the Energy Star status of a piece of equipment with our direct integration. All Energy Star certified products hosted in the KCL library will show the trusted mark. Since some locations now require this certification, users love the ability to find and search for it easily.

AutoQuotes / AQ Designer

KCL offers full compatibility with AQ Designer via AutoCAD LT mode. Users of both programs can import from AQ to KCL and then send files to KCL NapinSketch, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and Revit. Users can also export from KCL NapkinSketch, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and Revit to AQ to create a design and build a quote.

APICE Consulting / IQuote Pro

The KCL BIM/CAD Designer interface can be called directly inside the iQuote Pro environment (CAD, BIM, or Quotation), giving users a quick, seamless experience.

A designer can load 3D DWG files and RFA families into iQuote Pro because the application works in 2D and 3D simultaneously.

All commercial and technical specifications (brand and utility) are automatically imported into the Schedule and Quotation areas so a user can list the correct price and produce an accurate quotation using your equipment.

MicroCAD / AutoDecco

KCL BIM/CAD Designer interface runs directly inside autodecco 16 Pro, based on AutoCAD OEM. This enables users to efficiently create 2D/3D layouts using your equipment hosted inside of KCL.

With a focus on rendering, autodecco 16 Pro lets the designer load every 3D DWG file and RFA onto its platform.


With a single click, users can load your equipment from the KCL database into their design. All of the commercial and technical specifications will be automatically imported into the schedule. That information will also be applied directly to the price list in the quote.

KCL NapkinSketch

Create Professional Designs without CAD or Revit

Equip your sales team with the tools they need to create professional kitchen designs FAST with KCL NapkinSketch. Our industry’s best time-saving design tool lets users create kitchen layouts, including floor plans, elevations, and 3D, without using another program.

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Manufacturers Using KCL

Use KCL to share product specs and design files with thousands of your clients and prospects in the foodservice market. Partner with KCL to host your data and expand your reach.

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