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Design Solutions

Innovative design software for foodservice manufacturers, consultants, dealers and reps.

Design Solutions
You Can’t Live Without

Our leading-edge foodservice design software offers:

Access to our vast CAD and Revit equipment libraries
Available to use in English, Spanish, French, and Italian
Proprietary time-saving features, like Autodesk® Revit® to 3D CAD Conversion
Over 100 Custom Block programs to quickly create 2D and 3D BIM Objects
The ONLY foodservice design solution that includes the ability to create kitchen layouts without CAD or Revit
Ongoing updates so you always have the latest version of KCL. Even on Mac
An illustration representing all of the design solutions available to KCL subscribers.
An illustration of a foodservice design professional moving blocks within KCL on a laptop.

BIM/CAD Designer

Unlock the Full Power of KCL

Download KCL’s software to your computer and start designing with full access to our entire database. Our program makes it easier to search, view, and download CAD blocks and Revit families for your designs. The interface and categories can be used in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Using KCL NapkinSketch, you can even design without running a CAD or Revit program. Our desktop version simplifies the design process, allowing you to import and export designs stress-free.


Designing on-the-go?

Access KCL’s ever-expanding library of CAD blocks, Revit families, spec sheets, and more straight from your browser. Using KCL 5 Web, you have access to the entire database from any device. Find the files you need and start designing within seconds using KCL NapkinSketch. Use a tablet while you’re out of the office, then switch to a computer to finish your designs later in the day.
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Highlighted Features

KCL Features That Can Change The Game

Screenshot of KCL's Custom Blocks feature
KCL Feature

Custom Blocks

Product Blocks Your Way

Use one of KCL’s Custom Block programs to simplify your design process and make life easier. Want to include a particular product in your kitchen layout, but can’t find it in the database? With Custom Blocks, you can create a 2D or 3D block for the product you need, and send it to AutoCAD, Revit, or NapkinSketch. You can also store it in your KCL private cloud. Instead of searching through your computer files, you have easy access to that product’s block within KCL, every time you need it.

KCL Feature

KCL NapkinSketch

No design program, no problem.

KCL NapkinSketch lets you create kitchen layouts, including floor plans, elevations, and 3D, without using a CAD or Revit program. Choose equipment to include in your client’s kitchen, add the items to NapkinSketch, and place them in your design. Save that napkin for your drink, start using KCL NapkinSketch today!

A foodservice professional using a laptop to search the files of manufacturers using embedded hosting.
KCL Feature

Embedded Hosting

For manufacturers and reps

Manufacturers and reps, can now effortlessly share spec sheets, CAD blocks, and Revit families using KCL embedded hosting on your website. Bring KCL’s best-in-class design technology to your website and make it easier for users to discover your products. We’ll provide a customized search engine for your site that filters content your way and only shows the models that you choose, while providing access to time-saving KCL design tools. Start hosting your content with KCL today.


Always on-the-go?

Never miss an opportunity to share design ideas or information with your clients. Download the free KCL Mobile app to your phone or tablet today. KCL Mobile allows you to access our vast library of design content from top foodservice manufacturers wherever you are. From the app, you can search, view, and email drawings, as well as access additional materials, like product manuals, installation videos, and warranties. Subscribers can use the NapkinSketch tool in KCL Mobile to create designs.
A foodservice professional using a mobile phone to create designs and search for CAD and Revit objects in KCL.
A foodservice professional using the KCL plugin for Autodesk Revit as a design solution.

KCL Plugin for Autodesk® Revit®

Using Revit? Rev it up!

115,236 Revit Families
268 Manufacturers

With the KCL Plugin for Autodesk® Revit®, you can access our entire database within your Revit software. Install KCL to gain access and quickly pull in files from our robust library, all within Revit.

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Quick Start Instructions For KCL



Run Installer – accept default options (unless advanced user)


Open KCL BIM/CAD Designer


Click Login or Sign up (from the upper right corner) to create a free 14 day trial login


Click the “A” button on the 2D, 3D view you wish to load into AutoCAD



Run Installer – accept default options (unless advanced user)


Open your Revit project and then click the “KCL” or “Add-Ins” TabMenu.


Select the “KCL 5 Catalog” button.


Click Login or Sign up (from the upper right corner) to create a free 14 day trial login.


Click the “R” button on the 2D, 3D or RFA view you wish to load into Revit.



Run Installer – accept default options (unless advanced user)


Open KCL BIM/CAD Designer


Click Login or Sign up (from the upper right corner) to create a free 14 day trial login.


Click the “N” button on the 2D, 3D view your wish to load into NapkinSketch.

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