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June 30, 2021

KCL Provides Free Access to Educational Institutions

As a leader in the foodservice industry for more than 35 years, we know that we need innovation for our industry to prosper. Along these lines, we’ve honed in on two key priorities: technological advancements in the foodservice design process and the promotion of education in the foodservice industry.

KCL Gives back wtih free design software to high schools and colleges

Developing a Pipeline of Foodservice Designers

To develop the pipeline of new designers, there needs to be a greater emphasis on educational institutions. High schoolers and college students are rarely exposed to opportunities in foodservice. One issue is a lack of resources for educators to create relevant course content. Therefore, KCL Gives Back provides free access to KCL software in order to educate the next generation of foodservice designers.

KCL wants to see the industry continue to grow. The best way to do that is to make meaningful changes at the academic level. As part of the KCL Gives Back program:

  • Users with a .edu email address can request an extended free trial for academic use.
  • Teachers and professors can use KCL in the classroom for free with the ability to add and remove students as necessary.
  • Classroom administrators can set their own expiration dates to fit their class schedule.
  • Webinar training is available for educators and students to learn how to use KCL software.

KCL Gives Back provides free access to KCL software.

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