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January 2, 2022

Restaurant Trends: Ghost Kitchens and Ventless Equipment

Last fall, we visited Pecinka Ferri for a seminar on two foodservice trends that are really cooking right now – ghost kitchens and ventless technology.

James Walker speaks about ghost kitchens

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are growing by leaps and bounds. Gen Z and millennials, along with the pandemic, have accelerated the trend of take-home meals. At the same time, app-based delivery services such as DoorDash and UberEats have facilitated carry-out dining.

James Walker, former Senior VP of Restaurants for Nathan’s Famous and current CEO of Buyk, defined ghost kitchens as “Delivery-focused restaurants.” That is, foodservice venues with a greater focus on pick-up and delivery to accommodate current consumer trends. In general, ghost kitchens are focused on foods that are easy to make and hold up well in the delivery process.

Chef Chris Galarza of Forward Dining Solutions talking about ventless technology

Ventless Technology 

Electric-powered ventless foodservice equipment eliminates the need for hoods, extra ventilation ducts, and gas lines. Therefore, it creates opportunities for kitchens to open in non-traditional spaces. According to Chef Christopher Galarza of Forward Dining Solutions, ventless electric equipment is more energy-efficient and produces fewer by-products such as carbon dioxide and other damaging emissions. (You can learn more from him on his podcast about sustainability in the foodservice industry.)

KCL has the perfect tool for designing small kitchen spaces such as ghost kitchen, food trucks, and pod kitchens!

KCL NapkinSketch and ventless technology make it easy for restaurants to increase output by making use of unused space or converting front-of-house space into kitchen space. For a greener effect, KCL’s Energy Star filter makes it easy to find eco-friendly equipment.

Ventless electric equipment is more energy-efficient and produces fewer damaging emissions

Room Builder

Room Builder makes defining and creating your open space area a breeze.  Just type in measurements and instantly create your space. Use KCL NapkinSketch to fill in the equipment.

When you use KCL tools instead of making a pen and paper sketch, you will be clear on the amperage required for your new ventless equipment. You will also ensure that your space allows for the equipment and necessary clearances with precise measurements and specifications.

Want to modify an existing kitchen line by substituting in multi-use equipment? KCL’s design tools can help with this too.

Designers want easy access to the equipment required for delivery-focused kitchens and kitchen spaces. In KCL, manufacturers can add product descriptors, like ventless, space-saving, mobile, multi-use, to note equipment that is well-suited for ghost and mobile kitchens. 

When you team up with KCL you can adapt to current restaurant trends easily. We will help you along the way.

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