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April 20, 2021

KCL Usage Reports for Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers

KCL rolled out usage reports in 2020 to help foodservice and restaurant equipment manufacturers better understand our value as their content distribution partner.

When a manufacturer joins KCL, their CAD and Revit blocks, along with PDFs and links to external resources, appear on all KCL platforms.

KCL usage reports for foodservice equipment manufacturers

Your Content When and Where Your Customers Need It

But the value proposition of having that content listed on KCL desktop, web, and mobile increases substantially when you understand how many people are viewing and downloading your content, what country they are located in, what your most popular items are, and more.

KCL usage reports free for manufacturers

KCL tracks items that are sent to AutoCAD, Revit, and NapkinSketch, as well as those that are downloaded or emailed. The count for spec sheets is equal to the number of click-throughs required to view them. 

Manufacturers can request a year-to-date or quarterly report for their product line. Reports show whether they find your items on KCL desktop, mobile or web, or your website through embedded hosting.

KCL provides these reports at no cost.

"We work hard to ensure that KCL always provides value for our manufacturing partners.” Kevin Kochman

Other Recent Updates for Foodservice Manufacturers

KCL now offers an “archive” option that will hide old files from live views. If you choose to archive items, the files will continue to stay inside the KCL system for easy access should you want to relist them. The archive is also useful if there is a special request for viewing an old CAD model or product data. Of course, you may still delete obsolete items from our system instead of archiving them.

Send us your list prices

Users can add/edit prices in their Private Cloud database. If you provide the base list price, users can quickly modify the data to meet their needs. With AutoCAD, Revit, and KCL NapkinSketch, users can generate a group and use the KCL schedule template “budget report” to create an Excel file with list prices.

KCL Software Updates

Contact us to request a usage report, discuss listing your product line in KCL, or schedule a training webinar for your team to help you make the most of your KCL partnership. 

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