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octubre 20, 2021

KCL Adds 22 New Manufacturers in 2021

Orlando, FL – KCL, the industry leader in foodservice design technologies, announces 22 new manufacturing partners who now host their equipment content– PDFs, CAD blocks, Revit families and supporting images, and documents– on KCL software. Designers, consultants, and dealers around the world appreciate the convenience of KCL’s best-in-class design tools.

Record Growth as the Foodservice Industry Recovers

KCL software is used in 174 countries and continues to grow its international base of end-users and manufacturers. In fact, the new manufacturers represent a healthy mix of North American and European brands: Afinox, Atosa USA, Axis Designs Inc. Micro-Market Fixtures™, Cadco, Comenda, Crem, Friginox, GA Systems, Gico, Georgia Pacific Pro, Hallde, Inox-Bim, Kold-Draft, Krupps, Migali Industries, Moduline, Orved, Precision Refrigeration, Rosinox Grandes Cuisines, Spaceman USA, Valentine, and Vivreau North America. Learn more about these manufacturers.

Record Growth as kcl design software adds new foodservice manufacturersy Recovers

Part of this worldwide growth is fueled by Luca Salomoni, KCL’s VP of Sales in EMEA and APAC. “KCL has always enjoyed an international audience. I know our software offers powerful solutions that European designers commonly face while also helping manufacturers in the region grow. Luca is the perfect person to help us achieve that,” said KCL President Kevin Kochman.

“Many foodservice manufacturers want to reach North American audiences and KCL is the perfect way to do that,” said Salomoni. “On the other hand, even manufacturers who are not interested in the US understand that KCL is a superior design tool with useful integrations and are growing the number of users in the EMEA region and know they can benefit from KCL, even offering KCL tools right on their website.”

Kochman added, “After a tough year, things are looking up. From Afinox’s blast chiller to Valentine’s fryers, we look forward to helping these companies and all KCL manufacturers boost their sales.”

Learn more about KCL’s twenty-two new manufacturers on their blog.


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