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Marzo 16, 2022

What You Need to Know about CAD & Revit Content for Commercial Kitchen Design

Kevin recently joined with Daniel Levinson of Ricca Technology Solutions e Jeff Lewis of FES, Foodservice Equipment Symbols to talk about the CAD and Revit content for the foodservice industry.

Not all symbols and not all symbol creators are equal.  Watch the video and read below to learn what designers and foodservice equipment manufacturers need to know. 

CAD and Revit content for commercial kitchen design

Topics include:

cad and Revit content for commercial kitchen design
Riproduci video su cad and Revit content for commercial kitchen design

The Fab Five Foodservice CAD & Revit Creators

As noted in the video above, our manufacturing partners may produce their CAD and Revit content in-house, but many lack the resources. Engineering time is precious and usually focused on product design. Equipment is often using a program like Solidworks, which produces detailed content. Those types of designs are overly complex for the needs of an average designer or consultant.

Rather than recreate the designs in CAD or Revit (which has a high learning curve of its own), most manufacturers contract the work out to specialists.

Reccomend CAD and Revit content creators for foodservice

Manufacturers may use any contractor, of course. However, we recommend using any one of these five firms. These content creators are not only familiar with FCSI standards, but KCL’s standards as well. We don’t receive any referral fees nor do we have a financial interest in them, they have proven their reliability, quality, and consistency over the years.

  1. Express CAD and Revit Services
  2. FES, Foodservice Equipment Symbols
  3. Mayflower Design
  4. RevEquip
  5. Ricca Technology Solutions

Watch the video to learn more about the importance of Revit versus CAD and why 2D CAD is still important while you get to know representatives of two of the Fab Five.

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