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mai 23, 2023

Energy Star Updates & Resources for the Foodservice Industry

Team KCL is always trying to make your job easier so we’re sharing highlights of and a guide to the recent Energy Star webinar. 

First, a reminder: Energy Star certification means that equipment meets a high standard of efficiency. This program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certifies a growing number of categories of commercial food service (CFS) equipment. Such equipment benefits the planet, boosts profits, and can positively impact people by creating cooler and healthier work environments.

KCL makes it simple to find Energy Star equipment. Just look for the blue star, as you can see in this graphic!

In addition to our Energy Star-at-a-glance visual notification, you can set a search filter to limit your search results to seek out only equipment that has earned Energy Star certification.

Screenshot from KCL Mobile featuring energy star mark

Topics include:

"Energy Star equipment provides a full ROI and continued energy savings down the line.”

Energy Star rebate and incentives for foodservice equipment map and chart spring 2023
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Spring 2023 Energy Star Webinar

Four key takeaways for foodservice manufacturers, consultants, reps, and dealers:

  1. Energy Star is now on LinkedIn. This will make it easier to follow updates. (You can also sign up for their twice-yearly newsletter.)
  2. Energy Star is currently developing guidelines for electric cooktops, including induction cookers.
  3. Energy Star has new equipment-specific sell sheets for the foodservice industry, and these sheets can be co-branded.
  4. They have a new “midstream” program that funnels incentive dollars to dealers and distributors instead of end-users.


The most recent Energy Star webinar is worth a watch. You can view or listen here. In the name of efficiency, here’s a general guide to the session.

  • 5:11 Energy Star Overview
  • 5:45 Energy Star for CFS – Commercial Food Service
  • 8:00 Resources including search tools for products, rebates, and dealers, savings calculators, and more. The sell sheets are introduced at 11:00.
  • 13:25 Commercial incentives, resources, and opportunities
  • 19:17 Midstream program overview
  • 21:35 Industry trends (Fun fact: by 2024, Chipotle plans to have fully electric kitchens featuring Energy Star equipment.)
  • 28:25 How to engage with Energy Star

If you want to put Energy Star’s foodservice equipment resources to work for you, bookmark this page. It links to useful tools, sell sheets, training resources, and more.

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