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July 15, 2021

KCL’s Exclusive Room Builder Tools: Easy Foodservice Design without CAD or Revit

KCL Room Builder allows you to quickly build 2D and 3D rooms with doors and windows without running a CAD or Revit program. It’s just one more KCL feature that saves you time and makes your job easier while taking your designs to a new level. Best of all, Room Builder tools are included with your KCL subscription.

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Room Builder Tools For Easy Restaurant Design without CAD or Revit

KCL NapkinSketch allows everyone to create simple kitchen designs without running a CAD or Revit program. Created in 2019, we’re taking it from great to amazing with our new Room Builder tools. Now you can build an even more accurate and realistic design without using a CAD or Revit program!

Simply type in the dimensions of each wall, place objects like doors and windows, and press “generate” to watch your room come to life–in 2D or 3D–ready for equipment placement. 

Instead of floating equipment in space or propping it against a line, you can show it in a dimensionally accurate room. You’ll impress your clients with your design, even if you don’t know how to use CAD or Revit. 

This four-minute tutorial will get you started with these convenient tools!

KCL room Builder tools for restaurant design

For users of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AQ Designer, or other dwg-based design programs, Room Builder allows you to specify wall sizes. Select wall height, thickness, and length. Add caps or end caps to your walls. You can draw flat walls or T-walls. Specify door swings and window sizes. 

Because Room Builder uses multiple layers your wall will be 2D and 3D render ready. View from N, NE, NW, S, SE, SW) Save and load a wall or room settings for later modifications. English imperial and metric units are available. 

Your days of creating rooms line by line are over. Try KCL’s Room Builder tool today!

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