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March 4, 2022

Kitchen Solutions with KCL NapkinSketch

KCL NapkinSketch is an easy-to-use sales tool that allows you to create simple drawings and view them in plan, front, or side view without using AutoCAD or Revit. 

That’s right! You’ll create dimensionally correct restaurant kitchen designs* that can include schedules and utilities as well as a 3D rendering. Your files can be saved, shared, and imported or exported later for later modification using CAD or Revit. You can even load your design into AutoQuotes to receive a quote!

Learn the basics of KCL NapkinSketch with Kevin Kochman and Chef Anthony Muzia of BSE Marketing

restaurant kitchen design solutions with KCL napknisketch

Topics include:

Kitchen Solutions with KCL NapkinSketch
Play Video about Kitchen Solutions with KCL NapkinSketch

Napkinsketch makes it easy to show clients kitchen redesign possibilities.

Chef Anthony Muzia's NapkinSketch

Chef Anthony described a project on which he used KCL NapkinSketch to help a restaurant convert dining space into prep and packaging space while Kevin demonstrated the related NapkinSketch tools.

Chef Anthony said, “I have zero experience using CAD or Revit but just using this in front of a customer to give them a conceptual overview and show them possibilities is a true benefit.”

This 30-minute webinar covers:

  • How to use Room Builder to create a dimensionally correct space
  • Loading items into your sketch
  • Incorporating KCL Custom Blocks in sketches
  • Creating Spec Books
  • Creating simple or complex schedules
  • Options for exporting your sketch
  • A reminder about KCL customer service and support

Just getting started with KCL?  Take a look at our Introduction to KCL Tools tutorial or visit our YouTube channel for a wide selection of skill-boosting tips and tutorials!

*Or walk-in refrigerators or bars.

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You can view our tutorials on this site or the KCL YouTube Channel.

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