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October 20, 2020

Tech Tip Tutorial: KCL NapkinSketch

KCL NapkinSketch is a groundbreaking tool that lets you create detailed designs for restaurant kitchens, campus kitchens, corporate cafeterias, or even walk-in coolers without using a CAD or Revit program.

KCL NapkinSketch- create designs without CAD or Revit

Topics include how to:

kcl napkinsketch- foodservice designs without a CAD or Revit program
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"If you can drag and drop, you can design a restaurant kitchen with KCL NapkinSketch."

An illustration showing Kevin Kochman setting the standard for foodservice design.
KCL NapkinSketch lets you select any block from the extensive KCL library to create a detailed design, no CAD experience necessary! Invest about 15 minutes to learn the basics and start impressing your clients right away!

This brief webinar covers how to:
  • Load content onto your sketch
  • Move, rotate, and delete items
  • Set the units and scale
  • Create schedules
  • Save in a variety of formats
  • Email your Napkinsketches
  • Open for future editing

Just getting started with KCL? Take a look at our Introduction to KCL Tools tutorial or visit our YouTube channel for a wide selection of skill-boosting tips and tutorials!

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