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Ottobre 5, 2021

Tech Tip Tuesday Webinar Schedule

We’re pleased to announce an extension of Tech Tip Tuesdays, a series of free webinars just for you! The popular lunchtime sessions start at 1:00 pm Central. Each one will provide a tasty morsel of information on a focused topic in 20-30 minutes. The sessions, delivered in meal time, er, real time, will include a question and answer period.

Webinar topics include an introduction to KCL foodservice design software tools for newer users, as well as spotlight newer features, like KCL NapkinSketch, and help subscribers make the most of existing features, like Blocchi su misura.

See the current webinar schedule below for details and registration information. Look for more tutorials on the KCL blog or YouTube channel.

We want to make sure that you can make the most of our newest and best design tools. A KCL subscriber told us that our ENERGY STAR-at-a-glance feature saved him hours on a five-million-dollar project. We want you to get that kind of value from KCL.

KCL Tech Tip Tuesday - Q4 Webinar Schedule Image

Free Foodservice Design Software Training

Learn how KCL’s updated Revit toolbar brings even more of KCL’s powerful design tools to Revit. This session will cover how to:

  • Standardizie native Revit content
  • Use the KCL catalog launch button
  • Generate a Specbook
  • Export to AQ
  • View Specsheet
  • Send multiple files to Revit
  • Queue and resume placements

Learn what’s new and what’s ahead for KCL NapkinSketch!

This training session will also provide an overview of KCL NapkinSketch with Room Builder, teach you to load 2D/3D CAD blocks, Revit families, KCL Custom Block,s and user files as well as how to use functions like:

  • Balloons
  • Unit/Scale
  • Hyperlinks
  • Move, Rotate, Delete
  • Add/Edit Item
  • Numbers
  • Schedules

"I wish every foodservice manufacturer had their products on KCL! It's my favorite Revit plug-in.”
- Tom P.

Learn how to edit details and share that information with your team using KCL’s Private Cloud and User Data tools. Topics will include:

  • Company user access to data
  • An overview of KCL licensing and what it means to be a power user
  • Sharing among multiple locations
  • Adding new manufacturers
  • Editing existing information
  • Tracking who inputs data and makes changes
  • Filtering user data
  • User data in KCL NapkinSketch

Get to know the best foodservice design software out there, the KCL BIM / CAD Designer. Learn the basics of KCL to save time and money as you design restaurants and spec equipment. This session will cover:

  • KCL installation
  • KCL search functions
  • Send to CAD
  • Send to Revit
  • Edit balloons
  • Schedules
  • Custom blocks
  • AutoCAD hyperlinks

Master our helpful layer mapping tools. Learn to understand mapping and how to:

  • Modify layer names
  • Save to your KCL Private Cloud
  • Merge multiple layers
  • Print

Dive deeper into KCL restaurant design software to achieve even more efficiency with our products. Learn how to:

  • Send to CAD
  • Search for block names
  • Apply search filters
  • Create custom balloons
  • Customize user data for your team
  • Export to AutoQuotes
  • Create a Specbook
  • Use the Revit toolbar

Learn to create configurable, customizable blocks that can be manufacturer-specific or generic. KCL’s 100+ Custom Block programs make it easy to generate 2D or render-ready 3D drawings on the fly! This session will include how to:

  • Use over 100 Custom Blocks with NapkinSketch, AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT,  Revit, and autodecco
  • Run Custom Blocks from KCL Desktop, KCL Web, or with embedded hosting
  • Create simple Custom Blocks
  • Create complex Custom Blocks
  • Use 2D front/plan to generate fab drawings
  • Understand uses for front-of-house

Participants will understand when and why to use groups as well as how to: 

  • Import from AQ
  • Work with multiple items
  • Make mass updates to balloons
  • Get elevation views

Make the most of KCL’s Balloons and Schedules features in this upcoming webinar.


Learn how to create and customize user balloons and scale factors and save to your KCL Private Cloud.


You’ll also learn to generate schedules using KCL Balloons, customize schedule templates, create a multi-block schedule and budget report.

Explore time-saving design features that you won’t find anywhere else. KCL software makes it easy to use AutoCAD in Revit and Revit in AutoCAD. This will cover:

  • 2D CAD in NapkinSketch, AutoCAD, and Revit
  • Define 2D and 3D CAD. Details and Layering
  • Revit to CAD (3D and 2D)
  • Revit 2D CAD abilities and limitations
  • 3D CAD abilities and limitations, as well as rendering
  • Why native Revit is best for Revit

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