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décembre 16, 2022

25 New Manufacturers in 2022: Another Year of Record Growth

KCL, the industry leader in foodservice design technologies, announces 25 new manufacturing partners who now host their equipment content–PDFs, CAD blocks, Revit families, and supporting images and documents–on KCL software. In addition, several manufacturers expanded from their North America lines to also feature their European, Middle Eastern, and African foodservice equipment.

KCL celebrates second year of record growth

Restaurant Design Made Easy

Designers, consultants, and dealers worldwide enjoy KCL’s best-in-class design tools. Manufacturers choose to list their design content on KCL to reach this audience and make it easy to spec their products.

2022 the year ahead

KCL’s new manufacturers in 2022 include the following North American companies: Aerowerks, Broaster, Citrus America, Egro (US), Everest Refrigeration, Eversys, GA Systems, GTI, Power Soak, U-Line, and Winco. Also joining in 2022 are these EMEA manufacturers: Brunner-Anliker, Carpigiani, Coldline, Friginox, Fri-Jado, Inomak, La Marzocco, Lotus, Marco Beverage Systems, Modbar, Modular Professional, Retigo, Rosinox, and Smeg Foodservice.

In addition, CIAM, Lainox, Sammic, Scotsman, and UNOX expanded their lines to better serve KCL’s international user base.

Kevin Kochman, president and co-founder of KCL, attributed much of the growth to KCL’s solid reputation for providing reliable, time-saving software and great customer service. “Designers often tell manufacturers that they need to be on KCL if they want to be specified,” he said.

Kochman added, “There are also companies, like Unified Brands, that wanted to bring all of their lines onto KCL, and other companies, like Scotsman and UNOX,  know the value that KCL provides in North America and wanted to reach a larger audience through our software.”

"Designers often tell manufacturers that they need to be on KCL if they want to be specified.”

Kochman also credited some of the growth to Luca Salomoni, KCL’s VP of Sales in EMEA and APAC. “Luca joined us just before the pandemic began. In 2022, he was finally able to represent us at the shows we had planned for 2020, like HostelCo, Internoga, FHA, GulfHost, and international FCSI events.” 

Luca noted that manufacturers and potential end-users in the EMEA region have embraced KCL. “It’s easier to learn KCL than other design software. KCL software integrates with several other popular design and CPQ programs. Also, KCL really stands out because of our generous site license and the extra value we provide with things like free usage reports and responsive technical support. We make manufacturer content accessible so it’s simple to include in designs.”

Learn more about these manufacturers in the this post.

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