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febrero 16, 2020

KCL NapkinSketch for Salespeople

KCL NapkinSketch is designed to help foodservice salespeople, consultants, and designers create simple drawings without requiring the use of AutoCAD or Revit.

It’s a great sales tool. You can impress your client with an instant, dimensionally correct plan with plan, front, side views, y 3D renderings!

You can easily modify the files instead of starting on a new sheet of paper. You can save your files and send the client as PDF, or pass them along to your design team in DWG format for further refinement. You can also create schedules with or without utilities.

KCL NapkinSketch for Foodservice Equipment Salespeople

Topics include:

Kitchen Solutions with KCL NapkinSketch
Reproducir video acerca de Kitchen Solutions with KCL NapkinSketch


Chef Anthony was asked to help an operator move their service counter and extend their prep station.

Kevin points out how the line command helps people draw lines with dimensions. And shows how it can be created in Room Builder to add walls and doors.

Room Builder in KCL

This 30-minute webinar covers:

  • Why use KCL NapkinSketch
  • An example of a project designed with napkinsketch
  • How Room Builder tools in KCL can enhance NapkinSketches
  • How to measure dimensions within and add them to a sketch
  • How to turn layers on/off
  • How to add labels to equipment
  • How to modify balloons
  • How to export your sketch to PDF, AutoCAD
  • Reminder of KCL support

Just getting started with KCL? Take a look at our Introduction to KCL Tools tutorial or visit our YouTube channel for a wide selection of skill-boosting tips and tutorials!

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