enero 12, 2020

KCL Welcomes Luca Salomoni to Serve EMEA / APAC Regions

Luca Salomoni, the founder and developer of MasterChef software, which is currently known as Specifi, will now represent KCL outside of North America. As the industry leader in foodservice design technologies, we’re excited to expand our international footprint with another leader in the field. 

luca salomoni joins KCL

Luca Salomoni And KCL: A Powerful Team

“KCL software tools have always served an international audience, but Luca will enable us to play a more active role in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East,” explained Kevin Kochman, president of KCL. “With more than two decades of experience in the foodservice design software business, Luca’s understanding of industry challenges and his relationships will help KCL build its presence abroad. His focus on results-driven relationships is very much in line with our approach.”

An icon showing the connectivity between the foodservice industry and KCL software

Luca has solid experience creating CAD and BIM applications, foodservice quote applications, and played a role in developing the IFSE BIM Standard Classification. He also brings a deep understanding of what it takes to serve a worldwide market with more than 20 years working within the foodservice community with manufacturers and designers, including horeca and bakery, as well.

“I am excited to represent KCL,” said Luca. “They have such a positive worldwide reputation. Given my background, I know I can expand their reach and build on their reputation for excellent service and innovative products, like KCL NapkinSketch–there’s nothing like it in the EAME and APAC regions. Together, we will make this new decade the best one yet for KCL and the foodservice industry.”

"Together, we will make this new decade the best one yet for KCL and the foodservice industry."

Luca plans to build strategic partnerships that will change the foodservice design market. Just as KCL has established relationships with KitchAutomation and AutoQuotes in the United States, he will develop collaborations with companies like IQuote (Apice Consulting), KCAD, and autodecco so that their users can have full access to KCL’s features inside those applications with an AutoCAD or Revit plug-in. In addition to our time-saving features, those users will have access to KCL’s large North American-centric library of foodservice design content.



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