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Enjoy KCL’s Time-Saving Tools Even When You Use Other Foodservice Design & CPQ Programs

KCL has served an international audience of foodservice consultants, restaurant designers, catering managers, and architects since we debuted our innovative foodservice design technologies. As we build our presence outside North America in a more targeted manner, we’ve created partnerships that make it easier for users around the world to benefit from KCL’s time-saving tools.

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In the U.S., most CAD operators and kitchen designers rely on the AutoDesk products, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and Revit. However, there are many other design programs in use around the world. We work to ensure access to KCL’s time-saving technologies to all designers through partnerships with a variety of internationally popular design programs.

These partnerships allow users to send files and data from KCL into other AutoCAD-like design applications. This provides unparalleled ease-of-use by eliminating the need to manually load CAD blocks. At times, this means one-click access to our vast database. In addition, international users of these applications have access to a vast library of US-based manufacturers.

KCL has also created a custom XML data format that allows KCL and partners to share additional data. As a result, in addition to CAD blocks and Revit families, users can access product descriptions, item numbers, quantity, utility information, and spec sheets.

Partnerships make it easier for users around the world to benefit from KCL's time-saving design tools.

Meet The KCL Partners & Learn How We Work Together

Apice Consulting / iQuote Pro

Based in Italy, this company has CAD-based design and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software.

The KCL BIM/CAD Designer interface can be called directly inside iQuote Pro environment- CAD, BIM, or Quotation giving the user a quick, seamless experience.

A designer can load 3D DWG files y RFA families into iQuote Pro because the application always works in 2D and 3D simultaneously.

All commercial and technical specifications (brand and utility) are automatically imported into the Schedule and Quotation so that the user can list the correct price and produce an accurate quotation.

Apice consulting screenshot

MicroCAD / autodecco

Based in Spain, with branches in the UK and U.S., this company offers autodecco  Pro for the FoodService or HORECA market. The software provides a true 3D design experience for those focused on 3D rendering.

How It Works With KCL

KCL BIM/CAD Designer interface runs directly inside autodecco 16 Pro, based on AutoCAD OEM. This enables users to efficiently create 2D/3D layouts.

With a focus on rendering, autodecco 16 Pro permits the designer to load every 3D DWG file and RFA onto its platform.

These partnerships eliminate the need to manually load CAD blocks.

Screen capture of KCAD foodservice and restaurant design software.

Iacopo Vettori / KCAD

Based in Italy, this company has developed KCAD, a sophisticated CAD-based design and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software that is used by well-regarded European contractors. It’s also popular with “layout & design departments” of foodservice manufacturers. 

Its performance and functionality offer designers many solutions from the design of small plants to large installations.

How It Works With KCL

The KCL BIM/CAD Designer interface can be called directly inside the KCAD CAD interface, making it easy to work efficiently and save time that can be devoted to additional projects.

With a single click, users can load any items from the KCL’s large database into their design. All of the commercial and technical specifications will be automatically imported into the schedule. That information will also be applied directly to the price list in the quote.

Partnerships mean broader access to KCL's vast database.

AutoQuotes / AQ Designer

Based in the UK and U.S. this company provides AQ Design Solutions based on AutoCAD OEM, which offers a  suite of commercial kitchen design tools.

How It Works With KCL

KCL offers full compatibility with AQ Designer via AutoCAD LT mode. Users of both programs can import from AQ to KCL and then send files to KCL NapinSketch, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and Revit. Users can also export from KCL NapkinSketch, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and Revit to AQ to create a design and build a quote.

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