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diciembre 12, 2022

KCL Adds New Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers in 2022

After adding a record number of manufacturers in 2021, we continue to bring on even more, including many from the EMEA region. Our team strives to bring subscribers like you more value each year by adding to the number and types of restaurant equipment. That means more CAD blocks, Revit families, and cut sheets in our extensive library. 

Look below for a list of manufacturers that have joined KCL in 2022. You can also click to see the full list of manufacturers on KCL.

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New Manufacturers Include:

Lotus cookers now on KCL foodservice design software

Coming soon!

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International Manufacturers for a Worldwide Audience

Broaster equipment now on KCL restaurant design software

In 1954, Broaster Company launched a ground-breaking product that combined the principles of a pressure cooker and a deep fryer to create a revolutionary way of cooking. Broaster Company is the leader in providing high-quality pressure fryers, ventless countertop fryers, pressure smokers, holding equipment, and more. Headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, Broaster’s expansive line of products can be found in restaurants, grocery stores, c-stores, and nontraditional foodservice venues, like camps or sports centers.

Learn more at Broaster. 

Marco Beverage Systems on KCL restaurant design software

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Marco Beverage Systems designs and manufactures stylish, precise, and energy-efficient hot water boilers, coffee brewers, and cold beverage dispensing solutions. As global leaders in the beverage delivery category, they continuously innovate to deliver the most efficient, and eco-friendly systems on the market. You can find their products, including the award-winning undercounter water and coffee systems, in offices, specialty coffee shops, hospitality, and catering sites around the world. 

Learn more at Marco Beverage Systems

Broaster equipment now on KCL restaurant design software

In 1954, Broaster Company launched a ground-breaking product that combined the principles of a pressure cooker and a deep fryer to create a revolutionary way of cooking. Broaster Company is the leader in providing high-quality pressure fryers, ventless countertop fryers, pressure smokers, holding equipment, and more. Headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, Broaster’s expansive line of products can be found in restaurants, grocery stores, c-stores, and nontraditional foodservice venues, like camps or sports centers.

Learn more at Broaster. 

GTI display cabinets on KCL foodservice design software

GTI Designs has 30 years of experience manufacturing modular and custom display cases. With specialized cases for all types of food service, their elegant designs combine a European sensibility with American practicality. Their advanced technology keeps foods at the proper temperature while ensuring that products from pastries and chocolates to steaks and deli foods look appealing to customers. All GTI Designs display cases are backed by a nationwide service network.

Learn more at GTI

Brunner-Aliker on KCL foodservice design software

Brunner-Anliker is the leading manufacturer of machines for cutting, chopping, grating, grinding, and declumping foodstuffs. Their food processing machines are made in Switzerland and sold around the world. A shining example of Swiss innovation, precision, and reliability, their machines are easy to operate and clean and also comply with stringent safety standards. You can find Brunner-Anliker equipment in commercial kitchens on land and at sea on cruise ships and oil rigs. 

Learn more at Brunner-Anliker. 

Coldline now of KCL foodservice design software

Coldline’s equipment and technology simplify the work of chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, ice cream makers, and pizza chefs. They work to anticipate the needs of the market by offering innovative solutions for the preservation of foodstuffs for everyone from owners of small bistros to executive chefs in large kitchens. They take care of your food so you can take care of your customers.

Learn more at Coldline.

Everest refrigeration now of KCL foodservice design software

Everest Refrigeration produces high-performing, reliable, and durable commercial refrigeration equipment. Started in South Korea in 1965, Everest established operations in Los Angeles, California in 2002. They understand the importance of innovative, energy-efficient refrigeration systems and strive to exceed industry standards. Everest’s refrigeration line includes reach-ins, merchandisers, chef bases, prep tables, bar equipment, and more.

Learn more at Everest Refrigeration.

aerowerks dish room systems

Aerowerks specializes in the design and manufacture of Dishroom Soiled Ware Handling Systems for the foodservice industry. Aerowerks has an exclusive partnership with Hobart Corporation that allows them to provide a Total System Solution that includes Dishroom Conveyors, Dishtables and Clean Tables, along with Warewash and Waste Equipment. With a solid reputation for innovative and efficient material handling systems, their systems can be found in dishrooms on six continents.

Learn more at Aerowerks.

Power Soak warewashers now on KCL foodservice design software

Power Soak commercial warewashing systems have automated process control and optimal space utilization. Their systems reliably clean and sanitize dishes, pots, pans, produce, and proteins. Power Soak is part of the Unified Brands family, which includes an extensive portfolio of premium branded product lines — Groen, Randell, Avtec, and CapKold. A leader in professional food equipment design, manufacturing, and service, their “Made in the USA” offerings span the essential needs of today’s commercial foodservice operators.

Learn more at Unified Brands.

Winco foodservice equipment now on KCL design software

Winco is a leading one-source supplier for 22 foodservice categories, including light equipment, kitchen, front-of-house, and back-of-house supplies. Winco serves hospital cafeterias, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and university settings. Their brand promise is to supply the right product for the right price at the right time. You’ll find Winco products in the U.S. and international markets. 

Learn more at Winco.

Sammic foodservice prep equipment

Sammic Srl is joining longtime KCL partner Sammic USA. The Sammic listing will expand from 38 items to more than 775 products! Founded in 1961 as a manufacturer of equipment for dynamic food preparation, Sammic now has an extensive product range that includes ware washing, food preservation, sous vide, ice makers, pizzeria equipment, and more. Sammic is #TheRightChoice for catering, hotel, licensed trade, and the foodservice industry. 

Learn more at Sammic.

La Marzocco coffee espresso systems on KCL

La Marzocco manufactures the finest specialty coffee equipment while encompassing people, heritage, technology, and design. Founded in Florence, in 1927, La Marzocco produces espresso machines and grinders trusted by the world‘s finest coffee roasters, baristas, and cafès for their reliability, durability, and timeless aesthetics. La Marzocco equipment is exported to over 100 countries with the support of its distributors and partners, making its presence known on five continents and now in KCL too!

Learn more at La Marzocco.

modbar under-counter espresso machines now on KCL

Modbar is the original under-counter brewing manufacturer. Designed and built in partnership with La Marzocco, Modbar provides beautiful machines that open up the bar to create the ultimate customer-oriented cafe experience. Their modular components allow for unique configurations of espresso, steam, and pour-over. Each piece of equipment can stand alone or work alongside other modular components. In addition to reliable machines and the most thermally stable under-counter espresso equipment available, Modbar also offers a reliability guarantee and exceptional customer support.

Learn more at Modbar.

Smeg Foodservice is now on KCL

Smeg Foodservice is a renowned Italian manufacturer that specializes in large-scale restaurant and catering appliances, like ovens and dishwashers. With an emphasis on product quality, technology, and design, Smeg is also 100% committed to ensuring their products are robust and reliable. Combining technology and style, Smeg creates elegant products that are easy to use and high-performance, with superior energy efficiency. 

Learn more at Smeg Foodservice.

Lotus cookers now on KCL foodservice design software

Made in Italy, Lotus manufactures a wide range of kitchen equipment including, electric and gas ranges, glass ceramic cooking surfaces, and more. Their attractive,energy-efficient, ergonomic, modular equipment allows for maximum versatility to create custom kitchens. Built according to European standards, Lotus products can be found in catering operations, as well as in restaurant, hotel, and hospital kitchens around the world.

Learn more at Lotus.

Citrus America products on KCL

Citrus America, Inc. supplies the easiest to use, highest quality juicing equipment and solutions throughout the United States. Their mission is to help customers earn healthy profits with juicing in foodservice operations, grocery retail, and hospitality by offering beverage solutions that provide taste, hygiene, and efficiency. Their superior customer support promises to never leave customers in a squeeze. Citrus America is known for innovative solutions and durable equipment backed by a nationwide service network.

Learn more at Citrus America.

CIAM food display cases know on KCL foodservice design software

Another international expansion! Now with more than 3,000 items on KCL.

CIAM provides refrigeration solutions with a design focus. They specialize in display case and base cabinetry solutions for hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Using cutting-edge technology, their displays can fit almost any space, style, or refrigeration need. CIAM’s headquarters are in Italy with a U.S. office, Advanced Gourmet, in North Carolina. Advanced Gourmet is the exclusive importer of CIAM in the United States. CIAM works globally with a high level of expertise, professionalism, and efficiency.

Learn more at CIAM.

G.A. Systems speedline cafeteria system

G.A. Systems specializes in mobile modular serving counters. With 50 years of serving system innovation, G.A. Systems was the first to develop and introduce Grab & Go Speedlines. They were also the first to develop and introduce Hot Cold Dual Operation wells- individual wells that switch between hot and cold in MINUTES! Other products include their Patented Quick Click Adjustable Glass Sneeze Guards, Salad Bars, Cashier Stands, Campus Carts & much more. Their products can be found in educational settings, health facilities, and stadiums.

Learn more at G.A. Systems.

Scotsman Ice International on KCL

Scotsman Ice International now joins Scotsman US on KCL! Scotsman provides complete solutions for highly efficient superior-performing ice systems. Their advanced equipment produces perfect ice for every occasion. With more than 300 models of ice machines, storage bins, and ice and water dispensers, they offer the broadest line of ice solutions in the industry. Scotsman is dedicated to developing today’s most innovative ice solutions including dozens of ENERGY STAR® qualified models that reduce energy and water consumption.

Learn more at Scotsman Ice International.

Unox combi ovens on KCL foodservice design software

Founded in Italy in 1990, with a consolidated revenue of 139 million euros in 2020 and constantly growing, UNOX S.p.A. designs, produces, and markets professional ovens for foodservice, retail, pastry, and bakery sectors. They create intelligent technology and apply it to professional cooking processes to support people and businesses who face the challenge of building their everyday success. UNOX is the leading world manufacturer of professional ovens for the number of sold units. It is active abroad with its own offices and commercial branches in 37 nations and its products are distributed in more than 110 countries. The UNOX team consists of more than 650 people, more than 200 of whom are based outside Italy.

Note that Unox, Inc. is now listed as Unox, Inc. (North America) to make it easy for you to find the right product on KCL.

Learn more at UNOX.

Lainox combi ovens now on KCL foodservice design software

Lainox, part of the Ali Group, recently added their international content to the US product information they have long listed on KCL. Founded in Italy in 1981, Lainox specializes in designing and manufacturing Combi and accelerated cooking ovens and multi-purpose blast chillers. The company’s strong entrepreneurial spirit and the quality of its innovations make Lainox products stand out. They maintain a significant market share in Italy and abroad. You can find Lainox equipment in restaurants, pastry shops, bars, supermarkets, and catering businesses.

Learn more at Lainox.

Friginox cold storage on KCL

Friginox, a subsidiary of the ALI Group, has more than fifty years of experience in the field of professional refrigeration. The company offers a wide range of products to meet the refrigeration needs of professional cooks. Their appliances are used in restaurants, canteens, and catering companies as well as bakeries and ice-cream parlors. Made in France, Friginox equipment is high in quality, with proven performance, recognized reliability, and is always in step with market developments and in compliance with the standards in force.

Learn more at Friginox.

Eversys swiss espresso systems now on KCL foodservice design softwareservice design software

Eversys is a Swiss manufacturer of coffee equipment specializing in innovative design, electronic management, and in-cup experience linked to traditional machines. This marriage of electronic intelligence and super automation is what makes Eversys unique.

Learn more at Eversys.

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