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octubre 23, 2020

Coffee with KCL and ENERGY STAR

October is National Energy Awareness Month. But with KCL’s ENERGY STAR-at-a-glance feature, our software helps you find energy-efficient restaurant equipment all year long.

ENERGY STAR is a voluntary public-private partnership. Their blue star on a product indicates that it meets a specific level of efficiency that helps save energy, water, and money.

However, there’s more to ENERGY STAR than just setting standards. The organization has a host of resources for the foodservice industry. 

Kevin Kochman, president of KCL, recently talked with Linnea Hofstrom, marketing associate for ENERGY STAR’s nine commercial food service (CFS) product categories to discuss the latest ENERGY STAR benefits and resources, including lucrative rebates for foodservice operators and equipment dealers.

energy star programs for restaurant kitchens and foodservice

CFS Categories

The nine commercial food service (CFS) categories consist of:

  1. hot food holding cabinets
  2. ovens
  3. dishwashers
  4. steam cookers
  5. ice machines
  6. refrigerator/freezers
  7. griddles
  8. fryers
  9. coffee makers (a recent addition to the list)
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"ENERGY STAR is a trusted symbol of energy efficiency.”

Quick Recap

The 15-minute video above worth a listen, but we’ll share a few highlights of the conversation.

First off, is the place to look for product sell sheets, as well as general information on potential water and energy savings and even estimated utility bills for equipment within the nine commercial foodservice categories.

You’ll also see the rebate finder, which highlights rebates available through local utility companies. It also provides detailed information based on your climate zone and the specific product you’re looking at.

For Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers

If your product line doesn’t yet have ENERGY STAR-certification, it’s time to get started. Some states now require restaurants and other facilities to purchase ENERGY STAR products.

Take the first step by clicking here to learn more about the process. As Linnea mentioned, the process involves connecting with a recognized certification body and an independent lab, both of which must be certified by the EPA. The process requires time and money, but once approved, products can display the trusted ENERGY STAR mark.

As noted, this mark is now required in certain areas, which is why dealers and designers love using KCL to easily find ENERGY STAR approved products with a simple search.

See which restaurant equipment in KCL is energy star certified by looking for the star icon.

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